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Fuck You in Silence

I am beginning to see clearer how effective it is to say "Fuck You" in Silence. I have always been one to visibly show my anger. Blurting out anything and everything in the heat of a moment. For much of my life, emotion has always dominated my ability to reason. Now, at thirty-two years old, I’ve started taking U-turns on roads that are dead ends. “Mouth shut, ears and eyes open,” is something my Grandmother has tried to instill in my head over and over. But we all know taking a word of advice is never actually taken without running over a vast number of potholes. Sometimes you have to puncture your tire and learn the hard way.

The greater peace you have within, the less you will tolerate someone to create angst and displeasure in your life. Why do people get angry? They get angry when someone or something disrupts their peace. Think about when someone really starts to piss you off. Your blood starts to boil, and like a spark to a waiting fuse...Boom. Now, I am not saying that a person should keep silent when they feel hurt or instinctually want to defend themselves. But most people yell and scream because they think they are being heard, better. But, are they? Your tone, your volume, your body language exhausts a full tank of gas within seconds, leaving you on empty. In reality, 9/10 people act on impulse in the moment of anger, regretting their choice of actions and words once able to reflect on the situation. Therefore, it is a complete waste of time for all parties. The person you’re reacting to, and above all, yourself: physically, emotionally, and mentally. So, the best way to conquer these occurrences is to breathe and utter two little words in your head, “Fuck You.”

You know yourself better than anyone, and as freedom of speech and personal opinions are more prevalent now than ever, it is only normal to want to fight fire with fire. But in reality, no one wins. People mostly Only care about what They care about. They aren’t interested in what you have to say other than trying to disprove your response. Especially when tensions are running high. So, I choose to fight fire with water. In other words, preventative maintenance, which is far better than damage control. That way, no one gets burned, the situation is diffused, and if need be, things can be continued…over coffee. Or on the flip side, things don’t have to be continued. You don’t owe anyone a damn thing in this world. In fact, you will find the steadier you are on your path, the quicker the trash tends to take itself out.

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